Student Mentoring

The College implements a student mentorship programme. All of the teachers are active in the mentoring process. Depending on the programme and division, each mentor is assigned roughly 20 to 25 students to look after. Every mentor makes a list of all the students assigned to him/her, including names, semester and batch, enrollment numbers, contact numbers, and e-mail addresses.

The mentor has a set of responsibilities to look after all of the mentees, including career counseling, personal counseling, help for any difficulties in their curriculum, remedial coaching, and always being there for them when they need it.

The mentor also strives to identify kids' hidden talents in academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and extra mural activities so that they can be encouraged to participate in various activities in the concerned area for their holistic development. The mentor also communicates with and meets with the parents of his or her mentees to discuss their progress and/or any other issues that may arise.


• To act as bridge between student and institution through communication.
• To foster a sense of belonging among students to the College.
• To identify and minimise psychological, sociological, and other challenges that students confront while enrolled in classes, or to direct them to experts for help.
• To develop confidence in students and help in exhibiting hidden talent in students.

Job Profile:

• Meeting with mentees at least two times in a month.
• Prepare and maintain a mentor-mentee detail interaction record of the student.
• Continuously guide and motivate, counsel when needed, the students in all academic sessions.
• Intimates Principal/HOD/teachers and suggest if any administrative action is required/desired