About IQAC

The IQAC's main goal is to create a mechanism for institutions to enhance their overall performance in a conscientious, persistent, and dynamic way.

Objectives :

• To develop a framework for taking purposeful, consistent, and catalytic action to improve the institution's academic and administrative performance.
• To encourage the integration of a quality culture and the adoption of quality standards as a means of improving institutional performance.

Functions :

• Development and implementation of quality standards / parameters for the various academic and administrative activities.
• Create a well-organized strategy for documenting and internal communication.
• Conduction of workshops/seminars on quality related topics.
• Transmission of information on higher education's numerous quality indicators.
• College Quality Culture Development.
• Facilitating the development of a learner-centered environment favorable to high-quality education and faculty development in order to embrace the necessary knowledge and expertise for inclusive teaching and learning.
• Improve institutional performance by building a systematic foundation for decision-making.