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Principal's Message

“A warm heartedly welcome to you all to ROFEL Shri G.M. Bilakhia College of Pharmacy. This institution with a glorious history of more than two decades is of high reputation and committed to offer you a world class quality education and has all ingredients for creating successful career in pharmacy.

Knowledge and discipline form the pillars of this college. Sincerity, industriousness and ambitions are our hallmarks. The students are trained in such a way that they inculcate highly competitive knowledge and discipline, making them capable to undertake any task undauntedly to achieve their goals. Our students made a habit of securing top ranks in University merit list. Our students always win various awards by channelizing the spark of their innovative research ideas, synergistically, with the esteemed guidance of our faculty.

The key aspects of ROFEL Shri G.M. Bilakhia College of Pharmacy can thus be summarized as we stand for academic excellence and quality education of our student pharmacists beyond the curriculum resulting in self realization and transformation within the framework of modern teaching programs, advanced technologies and through other personality development aspects.

In our pursuit of transformation through quality education, we welcome all the constructive suggestions and strategic ideas.”

Dr. Arindam Paul